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Build your drill banks and prepare your practice plans for different sports
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From ice hockey to basketball, from volleyball to tennis, from water polo to Australian football, and from soccer to NetBall, DrillDraw allows you to create, edit, and share your drills and practice plans with your players and/or other coaches in the most convenient way. Its cloud-based remote bank not only will help you to store and reuse your drills regardless of where you are, but to restrict access to them to authorized users only.

You can always draw your own drills using a felt-pen and paper and distribute photocopies of them to your players or colleagues, or you can use DrillDraw to produce high-quality editable drills and practice plans that you can distribute via a PDF file on an e-mail or by sharing it in an exclusive cloud-based storage bank. You don’t need to be an IT expert to be able to create and modify your drills – the program has been designed to make it as easy as possible for anyone to translate into clear diagrams all your strategies. It offers you an extensive collection of templates that you can always enlarge by downloading thousands of other templates created using this tool. It may take you some time to master all the different tools and tiny buttons provided, but it’ll only take you a few minutes to start drawing your drills using some of the most basic and obvious features.

You can add as many lines in any shape and color to your drills, copy and paste specific drawings on a new drill, work on more than one at a time, add comments in your choice of color and font, and save them as an image file (JPEG, BMP, etc.) or a PDF document either on your local bank or in a private account in the cloud. The same is true for your practice plans, which you can create from one of your drills, and modify and reuse as many times as you need. You can use PDF as the distribution format of your practice plans among your players, and send them via e-mail easily.

DrillDraw comes in two different flavors – a Standard edition and a Pro edition. The latter not only includes all the features present in the former, but adds also the possibility of adding your team logo to your drills (or any other logo, for that matter), search your drill database using various filters, zoom in and out your graphics for more detailed viewing and drawing capabilities, use multiple drill banks and transfer various materials between them, or preview your drills and practice plans before distributing or printing them out.

DrillDraw is much more than just an electronic version of your chalkboard – is a comprehensive utility to produce, store, and manage all your valuable drills and practice plans. This software program is an inexpensive way for any coach of professionalizing the way they produce and distribute their most valuable materials.

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  • Comprehensive graphics
  • Nicely drawn templates
  • Cloud storage
  • Remote drill bank with restricted access
  • PDF output
  • Easy to share with other users


  • Trial version restricted to ice hockey drills only


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